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Ihave always been fascinated by architecture: how buildings shape their surroundings, the conceptual resourcefulness, or which structural ingenuities lie beyond the apparent facades. This isn’t all so surprising seeing my father took me and my brothers with him to the office innumerous times when he had to work during weekends as a structural engineer for a renowned steel construction company. Those brothers now both work in engineering as well, but I wanted something slightly different, something extra: I wanted to create, to imagine that built environment myself. Graduating as an Architectural Engineer allowed me to design without losing my ’structural roots’.

Since I found my path to follow, I’ve tried to take up information and gain experience whenever it was presented or wherever I could get it. One of the greatest challenges was, is and probable will be finding my personal architectural identity. By exploring blogs like Dezeen or reading design/architecture magazines and books, I seek to broaden my mind and further craft my ideals and quality standards. By setting out to work on projects of various scales and typologies, as well as participating in all different stages from design to construction, I want to keep on acquiring knowledge and experience. I strive to do all of this, if possible, without too many prejudices and always with an open mind.

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Sydney, NSW, Australia

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